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Veronica Emery, an artist originally from Argentina, has a background in interior design. Her multidisciplinary artistic practice centers around architecture and collages. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to exploring the heritage buildings and landscapes of Hong Kong. In her collage works, she skillfully deconstructs each element and replaces them with a multitude of fragmented paper pieces sourced from newspapers and magazines, all while injecting a playful sense of humor into her compositions.

For her large collage entitled Gift of Desire (GOD) (2023), Emery collected chocolate packaging sourced from numerous craft chocolate makers around Asia. Employing the allegorical figure of the Trojan Horse, she alludes to the foreign nature of cocoa in Asia, as well as to the pervasive influence of industrial Western brands worldwide.

However, with her characteristic touch of humor, she constructed her colossal Trojan Horse using the assortment of local packaging she collected instead of representing the usual dominating trademarks. Through a clever blend and recomposition of these materials, she created a compelling unity that carries a strong and surprising visual impact: this time, the horse becomes a vessel embodying the aspirations and hopes of local producers, who strive to reclaim and revitalize the cocoa industry.

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