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Timoteus Anggawan Kusno is an artist who composes and presents his works in various mediums, including installations, drawings, moving images, and institutional projects. He renders narratives that stretch in the liminality of fiction and history, imagination and memory.

Kusno draws questions on the coloniality of power and what remains left unseen. He often uses the (meta)fictional approach to reflect the medium's role in narratology. By this method, he questions the "history-making" and its embodied relation to power, ideology, and "ignorance."

With a video installation that includes a diorama, drawings and archival materials, Kusno wishes to investigate cocoa’s journey throughout colonial history and its echo to our contemporary life; how it is interconnected with the global market, the changing lifestyle, and the idea of recreational time in its irony with the history of slavery, labor, exploitation, and agriculture.

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