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Agung Firmanto Budiharto (Geger) is a member of Lifepatch, a cross-disciplinary community formed in 2012 in Indonesia. The collective brings together practitioners to examine, explore, and develop socially engaged projects related to art, science, technology, natural resources, history, culture and human resources in the local area.

Since 2021, Agung Firmanto Budiharto (Geger) has developed a series of workshops in Yogyakarta entitled "Learning Together About Cocoa" and "Make Your Own Beans-to-Bar Chocolate." These workshops aim to share knowledge and experiences. They are conceived as ways to learn together. Fascinated by chocolate since his childhood and eager to understand its origin, Geger has been cultivating cocoa in his house's yard. Over time, he noticed that many local people had their own cocoa trees but lacked the knowledge to process the beans or understand the chocolate-making process.

Geger explores different areas to find abandoned cocoa plants. He engages in discussions with the owners and invites them to learn about chocolate making and the characteristics of this fruit. This initiative is part of an ongoing project on decolonizing knowledge.

One of the workshops has been documented for the exhibition. It took place in December 2023 at Ngargosari, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo in Bukit Menoreh and included activities such as "How to Process Cocoa from Your Own Garden."

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