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Vietnam: Stone Hill

Cocoa at Stone Hill Farm is in Dong Nai Province. It is cultivated under the forest canopy following the principles of Permaculture and Circular economy including Garden - Pond - Barn - Forest

Vietnam: Stone Hill

Stone Hill Farm used to be a barren rock hill that suffered severe damage from deforestation and erosion. In 2010, Dr. Phạm Hồng Đức Phước and his students began implementing multiple farming techniques to revive and regenerate the land. Their scientific experiment aimed to share findings within the scientific community and create a sustainable source of livelihood for local farmers.

After 13 years, Stone Hill Farm has not only transformed into a forest ecosystem that supports integrated plants and animals, but it has also become a valuable learning hub for those interested in Regenerative Farming, Permaculture, and Circular Economy.

Stone Hill Farm's philosophy is centered around sustainable development and the cultivation of healthy, self-sufficient lifestyles that align with our connection to nature.


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