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The Asian Cocoa Project

A  collective and artistic research project with a touring art exhibition dedicated to Asian cocoa


What lies behind the chocolate bar that we see daily on the shelves of supermarkets? Is cocoa growing in Asian countries?

The Asian Cocoa Project is an artistic and collective research project that aims at exploring the multiple stories of Asian cocoa and chocolate. With a holistic approach, it embraces historical, anthropological, cultural, ecological and socio-economic perspectives, not to mention cocoa's gastronomic facets.

Combining artistic expression and knowledge production, the project attempts to highlight the complexities and challenges at stake behind chocolate bars.


From early 2024, the project will unfold into an art exhibition featuring newly commissioned artworks created by established artists from accros the region. Entitled "In Stranger Lands: Cocoa's Journeys to Asia" it will tour in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Featured artworks & artists
A story of chocolate
A touring exhibition

The Nguyen Art Foundation

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Feb-July 2024

Kohesi Initiatives

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Winter 2024

Tang Contemporary Art

Hong Kong

Oct-Nov. 2024

The Philippines (venue TBC)

Manila, the Philippines

April-May 2025


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